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2019 Exeter Team Blog #3

IMG_2634Violet Sullivan

A few Wednesdays ago we had our second meet of the season after school at PEA. It’s always fun for us to race with PEA as we can see some old teammates and classmates from middle school at CMS who we don’t normally get to compete with. In addition, it was a great meet to run some good early-season times on a fast, new track. For distance especially, we were able to take advantage of a longer track and less bodies. We primarily split up in the 1000 and 1500 for the girls having those who ran the 1000 last week move to the 1500 and vice versa. The boys split between the 1000, 1500, and 3k. Our mid-distance runners ran the 600 and 4×400. Overall we had some great performances and many PR’s, which was great to see our training start to pay off. One of the best parts of this meet and our meet at UNH last week was that many EHS alumni came to watch their younger siblings and former teammates race. It’s nice to see how everyone’s doing in college and always great to run at such a beautiful facility close to home.

Question of the Week:

What was the highlight of our meet at PEA?


Anna Richardson (sophomore, distance): “I think the highlight of the meet at PEA was getting to watch everyone put in some fast times! We’ve been working really hard this season and it was great to prove it on a nice track and come away with a win for Exeter!”

Allison Kelley (junior, middle-distance): “My personal best moment was when I qualified for the 600 at states.”

Dante IMG_2824

Welcome to another Exeter Track and Field Blog.  The topic for this week, the stunning performance by the Exeter Boys and Girls sprinters at the recent PEA meet that took place on December 19th, 2018.  First, to start it off, the girls had an amazing win with a exemplary performances all around, scoring a total of 98 points! No one member carried the team, it was a complete team blowout all around with Camille Sweet coming in first for the 55m Hurdles in a time of 8.99, followed by Camilla McAleer, Kelsey Pierce, and the freshman Sydney Lavelle, as they both racked up 13 points in just the 55m Hurdles together.  The 55m Dash finals were also led by Sweet, Raye Neil, and Ella Fraser all placing in top 6. A strong showing as well by Junior Allison Kelley in the 600m coming in second place followed by Lavalle in 6th. An exciting race as well in the 300m Dash for the girls as four Blue Hawks were able to come in top six with Fraser winning the 300m in a time of 44.61. The girls relays both came in first as well for the 4×400, and the 4×200.  A strong showing by the sprinters of the Exeter girls team!

Now for the boys, who had an astounding victory with a total of 90 points over all!  The 55m was led by Jack McSweeney, who is currently leading the boys 55m along with Marshall Burns for Exeter.  These two are powerhouses when it comes to generating points in the 55m with McSweeney running his final in 6.89. Tommy Lamar was able to clinch the victory in the 600m with a solid 1:32 after clearing 5’10” in the High Jump taking the victory there as well.  The 300m was crushed by the boys team with Dante Radigonda taking first with a 37.02 followed by McSweeney, Burns, and Brady Green scoring big points altogether.  The boys’ relay teams won back to back in the final stages of the meet and it was a great day for both teams.

It is evident that both teams have a long ways to go before the D1 State Meet on February 4th (less than a month away).  Have no doubt there is plenty of room to progress for all athletes across the Exeter team and everyone here has their eyes on the prize!

Question of the Week

How was your experience at the PEA meet?


Jack McSweeney: “The PEA meet was awesome because we were able to put up some great times and our relays did very well.”

Hadley Raymond: “The track was super nice to run on and it was a really organized meet.”

Ella Fraser:  “Thought I was gonna come in last, no joke, must have been the track.”

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