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2020 Top Indoor Returners Distance Runners

Posting the top returners from last year’s Winter Track and Field League season is obviously bittersweet.  With no season for 2021 due to the pandemic, the athletes listed as well as all others are denied the opportunity to compete, period.  The least we can do is proceed with data and information we have and create.  Thanks to last year’s database we continue to do the things we can do!

Distance!  The 2020 Top Returners!  We based these off the one day everyone agrees to be ready – the State Championships.  So while there may have been better performances prior to, we choose to look at the performances dropped when it mattered most.

NH Winter Track League (WTL) is an incredible entity because of you all!  We look forward to seeing its return in December 2021!!!  For the time being, enjoy and train!!


Girls Division 1Boys Division 1

Girls Division 2Boys Division 2


Girls Division 1Boys Division 1

Girls Division 2

Boys Division 2

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