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Letter: Thanks NHTF!

Open letter to the people at!

I want to shout a thank you to all those dedicated track fans that operate NHT&  While I contribute from time to time to the site with articles, previews and recaps, I must say I’m not nearly as involved with the site as many of my colleagues, who not only run the site, but also have their hands, elbow deep in coaching as well.  And while I play a more significant role during the fall with the NHCC website, I’m still only a contributor, sending my pieces in to the Tim and Greg and letting them do the heavy work of running the site.

I would like those that view the site to keep this in mind when they are looking for articles and interviews.  These guys are trying to get all this stuff uploaded and on the site for you while they are running their track programs, working their regular jobs in our school systems, keeping their families intact; all while taking the time to get us as much information about meets across the state as possible.  We are always looking for any track and cross country related stuff to put on the website, so if you’re looking for a particular piece or certain coverage of an event, don’t feel you can’t jump in and deliver that yourself.

I think sometimes it’s easy to step back and see what’s missing from the site, it’s something we do when we evaluate the site on a regular basis.  Improving coverage is at the top of the list, livestreaming the big meets, providing videos of events and interviews with athletes in the sport.  But I ask, before you are critical of the site and its deficiencies, consider contributing your talents to make the site better.

This is the best site in high school track and field bar none, and I for one am happy to be a part of it.

Mike Smith, Mascenic Regional High School

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