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94 Seasons, 46 Years! Coach’s Profile: Belmont’s John Goegel

John Goegel

Belmont High School

* Year’s coaching:  46 years

***94 varsity seasons as an assistant coach, head coach or volunteer assistant coach***  (WOW!-NHTF)

* Other coaching gigs, sports, schools:

Merrimack Valley High School (1972 – 1981): XC, Indoor/Outdoor T&F

Bishop Brady High School (1981 – 1990): XC, Outdoor T&F

Concord High School (1988, 1989): Indoor T&F

Belmont High School (1990 – present): XC, Indoor/Outdoor T&F, Nordic Skiing

* What got you into coaching?

Upon leaving the military in 1972, I needed a job to support my family. The only interest I had at the time was coaching, which led me into teaching…teaching math (the only subject in HS and college in which I showed any interest or proficiency).

* Where did you get your coaching philosophy?

Carefully observing some of the great coaches of my early coaching years, especially Frank Davis and Bill Luti, and the influence of my (UNH) Graduate School advisor – Dr. Robert Kertzer.

* Greatest coaching achievement:

The Merrimack Valley HS girls’ cross country teams (1979, 1980, 1981) ran to three Class I Runners-Up Titles versus powerhouse Exeter HS, Oyster River HS and Hanover HS teams.

* Favorite coaching achievement:

Accompanying Chris Basha (Concord HS) to the Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden (NYC, the city of my birth) where he competed against the best high school milers in the nation and finished 5th.

* Greatest coaching moment:

Working with Joseph Boles (Belmont HS) to overcome seasons of injuries and witness him win the 1000m D2 indoor title his junior year; then move up to the 1500m and win that title his senior year.

* Strength of your program:

Being inclusive; conveying the importance of each and every athlete, regardless of his/her ability, for the overall success of the team.

* Favorite workout:

Joe Vigil’s Acceleration Workout (completed once; rarely twice during the outdoor season) – a mathematical and physiological adventure.

* How do you pump up the team before a big race?

I don’t.  After a season of training and interactions between athletes and coach, the athletes should know what is expected of them. A warm smile and the assurance that they are prepared should be sufficient.

* Three athletes you would love to have dinner with:

Billy Mills, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Tommie Smith and making room at the table for Steve Prefontaine.

* Coaches you look up to:

Those coaches who have selflessly devoted many, many years to teaching their athletes about our great sport and its relation to life, and who will continue to do so to the very end – Jim Boulanger, Don Boggis,  Ernie Brake, Casey Carroll, Walter Chadwick, Scott Clark, Tim Cox, Missy Duffy, Rick Elliott, Jodi Fredette, Sandy/George Frost, Aaron Hayward, Barbara Higgins, Rob Hoppler, Jeff Johnson, Eileen/Bernie Livingston, Stan Lyford, Bob Lord, Larry Martin, Bob Mullen, Steve Olafson, Ed Rehor, Dave Severance, Mike Shevenell, Mike Smith, Jon Snell, Brent Tkaczyk, Joe Scascitelli, John Tuttle, Joe Wernig and all those devoted coaches who I have regrettably overlooked or haven’t met….yet.


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