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Celebrating Seniors #27! St. Thomas’s Mady Buchalski

Madyson Buchalski

Shot Put, Javelin, and Discus
SP: 40’11.25” Jav: 111’4” Discus: 101’6”

Describe how you are handling the COVID-19 related situations – remote learning, training in isolation, etc…:Black Bear Invitational 2019-56.jpg

It’s definitely been difficult, coming to terms that I will never compete in high school track and field again and losing those opportunities, but it has also given me a lot of time to reflect on the past 4 years. I have been lucky to have already won a division and state title and while it would’ve been nice to compete for another one, I have to remain thankful.

For remote learning, I have been keeping up with my online classes and preparing for AP tests in May. As far as training goes, I have been doing as much as I can. With all the gyms closed, I’ve had to get creative, having only very limited amounts of equipment. I do have a bench with a small set of weights, a pylobox, and a 20lb medicine ball, so by using those in combination with exercises not requiring equipment, I’ve been getting some good workouts in.  I’ve been getting outside as much as I can to enjoy the fresh air and nicer weather. I’ve also been trying to get out and throw wherever I can so I won’t be too rusty when I get to college. Other things I’ve enjoyed doing with my family during social isolation are going on walks and hikes, watching Netflix, baking, and playing board games.

When did you start competing in track and field? 5th Grade

What is your favorite track and field event? What are your personal bests? My favorite event is shot put and my PR is 40’11.25”.

Describe your favorite competition memory: My favorite specific competition memory is when I won the NH Meet of Champions last year in shot put. My other favorite competition memories are from competing freshman and sophomore year. Those years there was a very strong group of throwers from all Black Bear Invitational 2019-101.jpgthree divisions and they were all juniors and seniors. I had been nervous being the only freshman in the later flights and would have to compete against more experienced throwers. However, the older girls welcomed me into the “thrower family” and while we were each other’s competitors, we always supported one another and pushed each other. It was a really great thing to be a part of.

If you could do any event in track and field, which one would it be and why? I love the throws but if I were able I would want to either do hurdles or the 4×100 relay. I’ve always thought the 100m hurdles were really cool and exciting and I loved watching my teammates compete in that event. I also think it’d be fun to be part of a more close-knit team like that of a relay where everyone is working together to reach a common goal and are constantly pushing each other. Plus, the excitement of competing in a relay at the end of a meet seems like a really fun thing to experience.

Describe your favorite workout: My favorite workouts tend to be leg days. I like any exercise which strengthens my legs, so things like squats, deadlift, leg press, etc. I also really like doing bench press and medicine ball workouts.

How does your coach motivate you? My school coach, family, and I have a sort of running joke that I am motivated by cupcakes, so if I win a big meet or get a new PR either my mom or coach makes celebratory cupcakes. On a more serious note, my coaches motivate me by always having conversations with me about what is happening at the moment and how I feel about how things are going. They always push me because they know I can always do better than I think. I will always be thankful for that kind of “tough love” because it really helps me. I get stuck in my own head a lot and both my coaches recognize that, so they make sure I focus on one or two things rather than siking myself out.

What motivates you most to do well? I love to win, it’s as simple as that. I know how much work I have put in and how much my Black Bear Invitational 2019-175.jpgcoaches and family have done for me so I always want to show that the hard work paid off. I love pushing myself to achieve my goals because the feeling when you do is unparalleled.

If you go to college, do you plan to compete in track and field? And where? I will be attending Dartmouth College next year and competing on their track and field team in NCAA Divison 1.

What is your favorite thing about Track and Field? I love the diversity of athletes who compete in track and field. From shot putters to 3200m runners, I love being a part of something where everyone is an individual focusing on personal goals but also the bigger picture. Track and field is such a great community to be a part of and you meet so many great people along the way. I also really appreciate that unlike a lot of other sports, you actually have an exact time or distance which can measure your

What is your favorite track facility? I really like the throwing facilities at UNH since they have a javelin runway and a really nice discus cage.

Shout-Outs!!!??? A special thank you to my coaches Ginny Richburg and Don Mullen for always doing everything you could to help me succeed and for always pushing me. Another special thank you to my parents for being my personal chauffeurs and an endless source of love and support. I also want to thank the rest of my family, teammates, and friends who have supported me throughout my high school career. I am extremely thankful for all these people and the time they spent with me.

What is your go-to pre-meet meal? Most of our meets started in the morning, so scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast are the go-to.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Either Greece, Singapore, or Australia.

Do you have a favorite prerace song? “Glory” by The Score and “Boing Boing” by the Cheat Codes

What is the best advice or quote ever given to you? My favorite track and field related quote is “Throwers do not have finish lines.”

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