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Meet Hub: Clipper Relays!

The Clipper Relays is scheduled for Thursday, May 4th  at Portsmouth High School. The boys’ relays started in 1938, while the girls started in 1965.  It was an invitational until 1987, but has been a relay meet since 1988. Some years the meet was not contested, but this is the 80th edition for the boys and 55th for the girls! Simply stated, the Clipper Relays is a staple of the NH Outdoor Track and Field season!  The Relays presents a unique opportunity to run traditional and non-traditional relays like sprint medley, distance medley and steeplechase relay all the while contesting all field events as relays (calculating combined total height/distance of 3 teammates). We will be recording the meet with commentators.  The 2023 Clipper Relay Meet Hub is your one stop for interviews, videos, pics, and live results.



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