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Coaches Corner: Direct Athletics Helpful Reminders!

Coaches! This post is for you and is hopefully a helpful one. A few key reminders introduced at the Rules Review Meetings, but can now be readily applied!  It is the hope that by focusing on these now will lead to less confusion.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your respective Outdoor Track and Field Committee Members for your Divisions.  Their names and emails can be found on the P&P.  Thanks!

  • 2023 NHIAA Division Entries & Battlenotes entries are up and available on Direct Athletics.  While this occurred last week, it is understandable you may have had only 1-2 meets thus far.  However, every school should have entries on 2023 NHIAA Division Entries & Battlenotes by the end of this coming weekend AND coaches should update these weekly.  This is per the P & P.
  • If you are hand timing meets, results should always be to the tenth.  There should NEVER be results to the hundredth.  For example, please ask your timers to always round up even if it is a 13.51, it should be rounded up to 13.6.  Hand times should NEVER be rounded down.
  • All entries should be in FAT format.  If you are using a hand time, simply add .24 to the hand time.  Using the above example: Add 0.24 to the 13.6 (hand time) to equal 13.84.
  • If for some reason the hand timed results are to the hundredth, round up to the next tenth and then add the 0.24

Ex: 13.51 = round up to 13.6 + 0.24 = 13.84

  • Watch for and correct Direct Athletics glitches (having a 2022 States performance show up randomly).  It will auto-populate the best performance either from previous years or previous entries.  It is your responsibility (the coach) to ensure the performance was done this season AND the appropriate meet is used for the verification.

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