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Coaches Profile: Lifelong Coach! MV’s Bob Mullen!

Bob Mullen – Merrimack Valley High School

Years Coaching:The coaches.jpg

27th Season

Other coaching experience, sports, schools:

Head Track Coach Merrimack Valley High School 1991-present Assistant Football Coach 2000-2017

JV Girls’ Soccer MVHS Fall 1991

1996-2008: Youth Soccer and Basketball Assistant Coach, St. John Regional School (grades K-8) Assistant Football, and Asst. Track and Field Coach, Concord High School 1983-1986

Assistant Football Coach 2000-2017

What got you into coaching?

My father, Donald Mullen, was an exceptional Track and Field Coach at Concord High School for thirty-five years.

Where did you get your coaching philosophy?

My coaching philosophy developed through my years as a young coach under the mentorship of my father. As I progressed towards a career as head coach, my philosophy has been refined and continually adjusted to meet the needs of our student-athletes at Merrimack Valley High School (MVHS).

Greatest coaching achievement:

One of my favorite achievements was winning the Clipper Relays in 2001. Until that time, the meet was dominated by Class L schools, which are presently referred to as, Division-I schools. The Clipper Relays always tested a team’s depth, ability, and levels of coaching expertise.

2009 Class I 036.jpgFavorite coaching achievement:

The Track and Field program at MVHS hit a “restart” during my first year in the Spring of 1991. The school has embraced the sense of community cooperation between parents, student-athletes, school administration, the business community and the many coaches and volunteers that have left an imprint on the MVHS Track and Field Program. In 2001, Merrimack Valley High School hosted our first MVHS Invitational. This event continues to be supported here in our community, as well the coaches and athletes throughout New Hampshire. It is the overall support for our track program which l regard as one of my most favored achievements.

Greatest coaching moment:

MVHS has won several track and field championships, as well as individual State titles, New England Champions, and Decathlon winners during my coaching tenure. lt is difficult to select just one moment in time. I have so many fond memories, such as coaching my daughters and the culmination of faces, smiles, races, celebrations, even those tears of achievement and loss. I’ve been fortunate to have so many honest and open conversations with athletes and coaches and have built lifelong friendships with so many of whom I interfaced during my coaching career. There simply is no “moment”, but rather an entire lifetime!

Strength of your program:

The support from our school’s community drives the essence of our program. Each year I am overwhelmed with PRIDE with the number of alumni and parents that return to help with our invitational track meet.

Favorite workout:

Exercise, I thought you said, more Fries!Meredith, Kristie, Nancy and Mary All-State.JPG

How do you pump up the team before a big race?

It has been said that, anything measured and watched will improve. With this idea in mind, before the big race, the jump, throw, or vault is my athlete’s focus is always positively focused on attaining one’s personal best – not a win- that usually follows. Individual goals and effort all add up to a unified team effort.

Three athletes you would love to have dinner with:

Jesse Owens, Tom Brady, and Bobby Orr

Coaches you look up to:

My coaching colleagues past and present, especially those who were role models for me!

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