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Coach’s Profile: Gilford’s Joe Wernig

Yes, is all about placing the spotlight on the kids, but there has been interest in hearing about coaches as well!  Why not!  In our small but granite-strong state, we have quite the stable of talented, caring coaches who are educators first! We will be sprinkling these throughout the season!  Thanks to Mike Smith for organizing this! Enjoy!

Joe Wernig Gilford High School

5 years as Special Olympic Coach, 7 years Head at Belmont 1996-2002, 10 years volunteer at Gilford 2003-2013, last 6 as Head Coach at Gilford. I also have coached Indoor Track at Gilford for past 6 years.

What got you into coaching?

John Sanborn, longtime Plymouth Coach, hired me as an assistant while I was attending Plymouth State in 1984. It was then I realized I found something.

Where did you get your coaching philosophy?

John Sanborn, my high school track coach at Plymouth High School. He was a very supportive coach who always was smiling. He pushed his athletes but also got to know them as individuals and developed some great relationships with them. He knew nothing about throwing and reminded me of that on a daily basis!

Greatest coaching  achievement: Watching the boys and girls track program at Gilford grow these past few seasons from a team of 20 athletes to over 50!

Favorite coaching achievement:Having the opportunity to coach all three of my own kids in track and watch my two girls compete at the college level.

Greatest coaching moment: Every time an athlete gets a PR, whether it be a beginner or veteran. The joy and sense of accomplishment is awesome.

Strength of your program: Camaraderie – we have a group of kids who all get along and support one another.

Favorite workout: I like drills, but my athletes do not….

How do you prepare an athlete before a competition? For throws and Jumps:I try to get them to do what they have been doing and not to change anything…Just go and do it, don’t overthink it, or try too hard, just relax and throw/jump!

Three athletes you would love to have dinner with: Al Oerter, Michelle Carter & Sandra Perkovic

Coach you look up to: The late John Sanborn of Plymouth, he is one of the reasons I became a teacher and coach. Also, Coach Boulanger of UNH…I have know him since I was in high school and he has helped me in so many ways over the years.


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