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Indoors Pic & Quote #2

DESIRE“There are athletes who, with no discernible physical talent but world-class desire, have willed themselves to be great or, at least, exceptionally good. But never the other way round; never world-class talents becoming great with no discernible desire.”  – Jeff Johnson

WHO: Jim Crawford (USA), John Treacy (Providence/Ireland)

WHEN: January 16, 1977

WHERE: 8th Annual Dartmouth USTFF Relays

WHAT: 2 mile – 1st place, John Treacy (8:44.8); 2nd place, Mike Roche (NYAC) (8:46.0)

Athlete Resume:

John Treacy – 2nd place, 1977 NCAA Cross Country Championships; 2nd place, 1984 (Los Angeles) Olympic Games Marathon.

Jim Crawford – sub-4 minute miler; NAIA All-American; bronze medalist – 1971 Pan American Games 1500m

Race Details:-  “……(Crawford) is running with only one shoe.  He completed the race, the sole of his bare foot resembling raw hamburger at the end…….. It’s always a sobering moment for a photographer to follow a bloody trail around a running track after a race.  This was the old Dartmouth track with its original surface, which was like sandpaper.”  ~ Jeff Johnson

Photo – John Goegel


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