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Inspiration Series #1: Art Demers

Hello NHTF Community,

As we face this global crisis which threatens lives and ways of lives, we at the website feel posts of inspiration are appropriate at this time.  So, we would like to start a series which places a spotlight on those individuals and/or happenings which truly inspire us to overcome.  At the very least, we hope what we share here will provide a momentary distraction.  Please enjoy and learn with the hope of taking something with you.

For our initial post, we need to look no further than our own community.  We have chosen former NH XC and Track coach and current state official Arthur Demers, who has over come so much to continue mentoring coaches, officials and runners.  Learn about his life and especially his response to his greatest challenge, which is truly inspirational.

We obviously have to give credit to Mr. Mike Baldadonis who created and posted this video to his YouTube Channelwhich contains other inspiring stories. Please check it out. 


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