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LET’S GO Virtual Racing Series

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Ok NH!  As we sit here, close to a week after our season has been canceled, it is clear many of you are truly missing an outlet for your competitive fire which you can utilize during your isolated exercise.  Well, NHTF, the Granite State has been challenged by our neighbors to the south.  Massachusetts and Rhode Island have participated in a successful VIRTUAL racing series the past 2 weeks and now have invited us to join.   Last week they had 442 high schoolers share their isolated performances in designated events which took place on open tracks, stretches of flat road, trail or fields.


Depending on the event, each runner is to run an accurately measured distance of the event, which should be measured by a Garmin watch or any other GPS software. The specific event or events should be conducted on a flat surface that is legal and safe. No downhills, please! A few suggestions for your measured race or races are open parks, secluded neighborhoods or on a treadmill. If a track is open to the public, then yes use a track.

BUT, we can’t stress this enough, please do not run in groups! Practicing social distancing is of the utmost importance. The primary reason for these meets are to create something fun during these difficult times and also get those competitive juices flowing. We know you’re eager to compete and this is our way to make that happen. But please stay safe!

This week is the Sprint-Distance Festival.  The events to be featured are the 400m, 800m, Mile, and the 5K. These events must be contested between Thursday, April 23rd and Sunday, April 26th at 6pm.

Reporting Results

This is a 2 step process.  Register first and later in the week, the results link will be posted later this week.


Have fun, stay safe and good luck NH!

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