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NH Winter Track League Relay Meet Information!


The League Relay Meets on Jan 28 at UNH are open to all teams in the NH Indoor Track League. If a team chooses not to attend, or to submit limited entries that is perfectly fine. This meet is simply an opportunity to get better seed times, to try out athletes in relays without affecting their individual events, and to capture some of the fun and excitement that relay races always provide.

The only 3 events at this meet are the following and in this order:




(Girl’s races before Boy’s races)

10:00am    All Girls and Boys D2 Indoor Track teams  (teams designated as D2 and D3 for spring track)

2:30pm      All Girls and Boys D1 Indoor Track teams

  • To ensure the meet is a reasonable size, this year we are limiting entries to just “A” teams for each event. This means schools are only entering one team per event for each gender. DirectAthletics entries are set up this way, but we wanted to make sure everyone knows ahead of time for planning purposes.
  • The meet is non-scoring and will be FAT. If you want to attend but can’t find the meet on DirectAthletics, please contact Mike Lyford
  • There is no time schedule of events, the schedule will be rolling.
  • Please enter the UNH Fieldhouse no earlier than 45 mins before your meet begins. If you arrive before this, stay on the bus until the correct time.

We are really looking forward to this opportunity to see athletes perform and excel! Hope to see you there.

Amy Sanborn and Mike Lyford

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