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Series: Pics and Quotes

Jeff Johnson Quotes 

Sang – Ouko – Black

Subject: Championships (one for athletes and one for coaches)

Athletes: “In a championship competition, aim only to compete to the totality of your ability.  Nothing more, nothing less.”

Coaches: “The most difficult task coaches face in preparing athletes for a major competition is relieving the pressure so they can perform to their abilities.  If you can focus their minds on the ‘execution’ of the event (their pre-event preparation, their race plan, the specific challenges and opportunities provided by the competition, etc.), and keep their minds off potential outcomes (winning, losing), you’re halfway there.”

Photos by John Goegel


Where: Penn Relays @ Franklin Field, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (PA)

When: 29 April 1972

What: Sprint Medley Relay (World Record!!!)

Who: North Carolina Central University 3:14.8 (

  • 440y leg – Julius Sang 46.4
  • 220y legs- Larry Black and Jeff Horsley averaged 20.35
  • 880y leg – Robert Ouko 1:47.7
[That fall at the Munich Olympic Games, Larry Black won a silver medal in the 200m for the US; Julius Sang

Ouko (w/ Horsley & Sang in the background)

(45.3) and Robert Ouko (43.5) ran the final two legs for Kenya’s gold medal 4x400m Relay Team.]

NOTICE – yard distances and no F.A.T. (just highly calibrated sweep hand stopwatches)







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