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TFFRS-NH: End of Season Top 10 in the Granite State! Updated!

We know we did a version of this one a couple weeks ago, but the obvious choice this week was a revisit!  The Division meets were incredibly exciting eliciting some great performances which also cracked the top 10 below.  So again, what if there was an indoor Meet of Champions?  Who would be the favorites???  Remember, thanks to TFRRS – NH we can take a glance at their database which collects ALL performances of Granite State athletes from ALL Winter Track League meets and now the State Championships.  This is free and accessible to all!  We have links on our homepage for you to explore on your own, but we will also be doing posts as we progress through the season.  This week we decided to showcase the new feature which combines the entire state!  We will be updating previous posts over the next couple weeks as the season progresses towards New Englands.

Top 10 Per Event in the State of NH!

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