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The Big Chill Challenge Heads into Final Weekend!

Congrats to all who have now come to within a weekend f completing the inaugural Big Chill Challenge!!!  As with most of this competition, our current team competition leader, Team Rocket Powered and Friends out of Massachusetts are continuing to cruise in the lead as is the state of Massachusetts with 1675 miles!  We would like to think this is because of sheer numbers, and if this competition was based on a ‘per capita’ metric, the Granite State would win out.  Regarding the high school showdown of LaSalle of Rhode Island versus Coe-Brown Distance of New Hampshire, currently it is LaSalle by less than 100 miles with both groups sitting in 3rd and 4th respectively behind 2nd placers, SoundRunner Racing. With February vacation, perhaps some have gotten behind on logging their miles!  Let’s go NH!!!

Kudos to the Black Bear Coaches of NH and Ravenous Runner 2 (RI) as they have both eclipsed the 1000 mile plateau.  Look for Nashua High School South (NH) to possibly join them by weekend’s end as they sit at 905 miles. Regarding NH, top 5 teams are CBNA Distance, Black Bear Coaches, Nashua High School South, CBNA Lady Bears, and Falcons Outdoor Running!

Collectively, the Granite State (6157.41 miles) finds themselves now 3rd as a state behind Massachusetts (7,626.33 miles) and Rhode Island (6,221.44) !!!  Let’s go NH!  Log those miles!  We all count in this one!!!  We can catch the Ocean State which is only a scant 64 miles away!

Individually, the current leaderboard has not changed with Selena Scott (RI) continues to lead both  Patrick Bugbee and Neil Martin of Massachusetts.  Tops in NH continues to be Nadia Zhecheva of Nashua HS South with 218.2 miles.

As the results are live 24/7, they are constantly changing!!!!  All Leaderboards can be accessed via NHTF or the Big Chill Challenge website.


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