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The Big Chill Challenge: Last Day to Register! All the Details!

Let’s Go New Hampshire!!!  Today is the last day to register for Runner’s Alley’s Big Chill Challenge!!!  What hopefully will be the final virtual challenge, you not only get a chance to compete against others from NH, but also Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut!!!  You can choose to compete as an individual or with a team of up to 10 members.  You can fashion it as a self challenge or compete against all others!

What exactly is the Big Chill Challenge?  What is the actual competition?  It is quite simple.  We are challenging you to get outside every day for the month of February and run or walk for at least 1 mile. Track your mileage through our Big Chill Challenge website. You are responsible for knowing the mileage that you’ve run – if you don’t have a GPS running watch, check out free online resources like the Google Pedometer or MapMyRun. At the end of the month, we tally up the results and award a title of Gold, Silver, or Bronze based on your average daily mileage (based off of 24 days to allow for 1 day off a week).

  • Bronze = run/walk 1 mile average each day 
  • Silver = run/walk 3 miles average each day 
  • Gold = run/walk 5 miles average each day

That is how you can challenge yourself.  However, convenient leaderboards will be updated daily for Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories so you can see how you stack up against others!

Now, of course, we need to spice this up!  Since we are keeping track of mileage in several states, might as well compare right?  So yep, this is another competition, with awards!  WHICH STATE IS THE MOST CONSISTENT, THE MOST DEDICATED???

  • Top Team in each State receive Team Champion T-Shirts
  • Top 10 Overall Individual Penguins receive $25 Gifts Cards
  • Top Overall Team receives Hooded Sweatshirts

The registration fee is just $9.  And thanks to the generosity of Runners Alley and Marathon Sports, 100% of this fee goes to each state’s FREE website.  That’s right!  Much like, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut have websites covering high school track and field with no paywalls!  And the Big Chill Challenge is yet another creative way Runners Alley and Marathon Sports power us to continue to provide the livestreams, photos, competition videos, interviews and coverage!

So, lets get on it NH!!!!  Register today!  Kids, coaches, parents!!!!

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