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This Week on the Virtual Race Series: TRI-STATE INVITATIONAL

NHTF!!!  Last week, we dipped our collective toes in the virtual waters as NH accepted the invitation from Massachusetts and Rhode Island to join them in the Sprint-Distance Festival as part of the Virtual Race Series put on by Bay State Running and Ocean State Running. Overall, you all did pretty good placing second out of the 3 states!!!

This week, the appropriately named TRI-STATE INVITATIONAL will be contested with 6 events!

200m, 400m, 800m, 2 Mile, Broad Jump, and 4×800! Yup, that’s right, they have decided to add a field event to the mix!!!

For the the Broad Jump, we ask that you have someone that does not have to follow the social distance guidelines do the measuring. For example, someone in your household.  The 4x800m can be done one or two ways. You can request a particular team that you want to enter or we will pick based on fastest to slowest in the 800m from each respective state.  Although it is being framed as a relay, the 800s should be run in isolation.

A reminder on the rules!  These events should be contested anytime between Thursday, April 30th and Sunday, May3rd.

When doing your runs, please continue to practice social distancing and do not run in groups. Each distance must be accurately measured by a Garmin watch or any other GPS watch. All runs should be done in a safe environment and on a flat terrain with no downhills.

Just like the last few meets, the Tri-State Invitational is a team event between MA, RI and NH. The top six finishers in each event will account for the score, which will be scored 10-8-6-4-2-1.

We ask that you register for your respective event or events prior to competing. Below is the REGISTRATION link (free!!!). A RESULTS link will be on the site on Thursday for posting your results.  Results need to be reported by 6:00pm Sunday May 3rd.


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