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Virtual Race Series: NHTF INVITATIONAL

NHTF!!!  Last week, the state of NH swept the Mid-Season Track Classic defeating both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  For the next installment of the Virtual Race Series, it is our turn to “host” (virtually).  So, for the bragging rights we are offering the NHTF INVITATIONAL!!!  This is open to anyone in high school from any state! So invite your friends from outside of NH as well!!!

Similar to the Mid-Season, you will have a 10 day window to complete the contested events.

Tees for this Season in any color you wish!!! Click here

From Friday May 22nd until Sunday May 31st (6:00pm), you’ll be able to submit performances. If you don’t like what you did the first time during the nine-day stretch, you can do it again and use the best of the two performances. OR…you can compete and report in multiple events!!!  Pretty cool, right?

Events include:

100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m, 3200m and Broad Jump.

Please report your results by clicking the link below.

Again, we ask that you adhere to social distancing guidelines. Good luck to all in the NHTF Invitational, and please be safe out there. This one we’re hoping will be the biggest one yet.


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