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WTRS Update: Snow Or No We Go!

By Mike LaPlume

Well it certainly snowed, and we certainly went! Once again the temperature was in the single digits at race time, and there was a significant wind chill factor (my least favorite running condition). It also snowed about 8 inches the night before, so it was a beautiful day for a snowshoe race!

The race started on an open field at Shaker Village in Canterbury NH. It then headed down into the woods and along a small pond for a couple hundred yards. It’s a two loop course with each loop being just under 2 miles. We had the option of choosing to run the 2 or 4 mile race. My son Ben and I both chose the 4.

This was mine and Ben’s first ever official snowshoe race, so it was a learning experience for both of us. Of course every time he and I go snowshoeing on the trails behind our house, it turns into a race, but this was different. There were 73 other crazy/competitive people out there with us this time.

The first thing we learned is that we NEED “actual” racing snowshoes. I thought going in that ours would be fine. I was wrong! After about the third time someone referred to them as “clunkers” I realized that they were NOT fine. And, after running a 4 mile race in them, I know for sure they are NOT fine! I have already ordered new ones online. Shhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell my wife.

Ben got out to a great start and was leading most of the first mile, but things went downhill for him from there. First, he lost his hat, as it got caught up in a tree branch. He continued on with it however. Then he was passed by the eventual 4 mile winner. Next, he stepped on a pop top and blew out his flip flop. (JB 1977) For you non-Parrot Heads, his snowshoe came off. He was able to finish the first loop, ahead of all the other men, so they gave him the win in the men’s 2 mile run. He then repaired his snowshoe and went out and finished the 4 mile run in about 15th place.

Other than Ben, I did not see any other NH high school athletes in the race. I don’t think I even saw anyone under the age of 30, other than Ben for that matter. So there is really no list to post. The next race on the list is the Super Sunday 4 miler in Bedford on Superbowl Sunday! I hope to see you all out there.


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