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WTRS Update: Super Bowl 4 Miler

By Ben LaPlume

I am filling in for my dad, who unfortunately couldn’t make it to Bedford for the race.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived with the twins (Connor and Ryder Downes) was the turnout! There was a grand total of 1,305 people who showed up to run! It was the most cramped I have felt on the line in a long time. The course was a 4 mile loop, and was relatively flat and fast. It allowed the winner, Matthew McDonald out of Cambridge MA, to run a time of 19:18.3!

Looking at how I fared in the race….. I was looking to keep a solid pace of sub 6 minutes per mile. My first mile was about 5:46, starting out right where I wanted to be. However, my second and third mile did not go as well. I was not properly warmed up, and not used to the 4 mile distance. As I approached the 5k mark with a time of around 19:07, I noticed how much my body had slowed down. My teammate Ryder Downes, who was right ahead of me at the one mile, was no longer in sight. I decided to try and pick it up on the last mile, and it was my second fastest at 6:10. However, the damage had been done. Finishing with an overall time of 25:27 put me in 207th overall. Definitely not what I expected. But hey, we all have our off days. Isn’t that right Eli Apple?

Overall this was a great race and I was happy to see a lot of smiling faces enjoying it. It is definitely one I am looking forward to trying again next year. Hopefully I’ll be better prepared for it. I hope everyone had a great Super Bowl Sunday!

Thank you to Connor Downes for helping me put this list together.

Here’s the list of NH high school athletes!


Lars Hogne, Coe-Brown 20:06 (15:20 through 5k!)

Tyler Tkaczyk, Coe Brown 21:21

Nicholas Marcotte, Alvirne, 22:18

John Crawford, Alvirne, 22:56

Connor Downes, Newfound, 22:56

Ryder Downes, Newfound 23:41

Nick Lacroix, Bedford, 25:07

Benjamin Laplume, Newfound, 25:27

Cody Cahill, Alvirne, 26:26

Brent Dunning, Alvirne, 27:03


Maya Brochu, Bow, 24:44

Kendall Reynolds, Campbell, 29:17

Don’t forget to register for the next race which will be another “Snow or No We Go!” snowshoe race on March 5! I hope to see you all there.

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